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Favignana was known in ancient times with various names such as Aponiana, Katria, Gilia, Aegusa in Latin or Auegusa (from the Greek "island of goats" for their abundant presence on the island); the current name dates back to the Middle Ages and would derive from the name of the Favonio wind coming from the West. The island covers 19.38 sq km, is 9 km long and 4 km wide. Its peculiar shape makes it look like a butterfly with spread wings divided into two parts by the hill of Santa Caterina, which with its 300 meters is the highest point. The island manages to catapult you completely out of the hustle and bustle of the city: its crystalline waters, the tuff quarries, the breathtaking beaches, the hidden underground gardens and the pure and healthy air .. they will be able to take you to a parallel world made of love and peace.

How to reach Favignana?

First you need to reach Palermo or Trapani, directly by plane or by ship, in the case of Palermo (Tirrenia, Grandi Navi Veloci and Snav make the crossing). From Palermo: reach the port of Trapani by bus (Segesta Autolinee), then embark with the companies Siremar or Liberty Lines and reach Favignana. The ticket offices are located in front of the pier from which the vehicles sail. It's possible book your ferry ticket to the Egadi Islands online, or by booking the entire transfer on From Trapani: Reach the port of Trapani by bus or taxi, then embark with the Siremar companies (1 hour by car) or Liberty Lines (fast ferry 30 minutes on foot) or by booking the entire transfer on -favignana.html We will take care of the transfer from the port of Favignana to Torretta (and vice versa)

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