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Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushsti Vardhanam
Urdvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Home: Benvenuto

Om Shanti Home yoga retreats offer you the opportunity to escape from the daily stress of modern life, allowing you to relax, "reset" and develop your yoga practice with like-minded people in a peaceful and healing environment, located on the beautiful island of Favignana .

Choose the period you like most to spend an experience with a few close friends, immersed in the bursting nature of the island of Favignana.

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The Yoga Residence

A place of peace where you can meet again: you decide the dates and we take care of the accommodation, yoga classes and food.


The accommodation

Om Shanti Home is located on the road between Lido Burrone and Grotta Perciata, cross the road and you are immediately at the sea!

After crossing the entrance gate, a large and shady garden welcomes us, at the bottom of which, after climbing a few steps, we enter the beautiful front veranda which leads to the large living room through a large French window. From the living room you have access to the three bedrooms, the bathroom and the kitchen. In the back we find a veranda closed by a beautiful window, which is accessed from the kitchen.
Upstairs we find a beautiful terrace where we will practice in front of the sea.
The rooms are all double, well furnished and with a large window each; there are 2 shared bathrooms and two outdoor showers.
On the back there is the bbq area and a small garden.


The maximum number of guests is 6 people.

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Work in progress ...


It is one of the sources from which we take our energy "we are what we eat", for this reason we pay particular attention both to the choice of raw materials and from the hands from which our dishes are created (love intentions). The path of the food we offer is completely vegetarian, with raw food ideas (thanks to the help of the dryer), there will certainly be fruit and vegetable extracts! The products we selected are as far as possible at km 0, for ricotta there is a shepherd beyond the gallery and for the flours we will propose ancient Sicilian grains (tumminia, majorca, perciasacchi), we will use spices, in a moderate way, coming from from India, where we go every winter to get supplies.


Che cos' è un ritiro? Un ritiro è un momento che ognuno di noi si concede, si permette per staccare la spina dalla vita quotidiana e tuffarsi in un altra dimensione per ritrovarsi, ascoltarsi e riconnettersi con se stesso e la natura, per ritrovare quella pace che è sotto tutte le onde tumultuose  della vita e condividere esperienze di bellezza e meraviglia con altre anime in cammino come noi. 
Per questa ricerca di pace, di benessere attingiamo da discipline orientali e occidentali. Da Oriente portiamo la pratica dello Yoga nelle sue diverse forme: asana, pranayama, meditazione, recitazione di mantra, percorsi sonori, affiancate alle conoscenze dell' Ayurveda,  l' arte del prendersi cura di noi stessi sul piano fisico, energetico e spirituale.
Tra le  pratiche che appartengono alla nostra cultura occidentale proponiamo: mindfullness, percorsi legati al riconoscimento delle proprie emozioni, movement medicine, pratiche legate al sacro femminile, ecstatic dance, conctact dance, tecniche erboristiche...
Vogliamo dare la possibilità di sperimentarsi nelle più svariate forme possibili, per ri-imparare a conoscerci e ad accettarci per così come siamo." Noi siamo perfetti così come siamo, in tutta la nostra imperfezione."
Non ti resta che scegliere quale forma di te ti vuoi dare la possibilità di incontrare !

Yoga classes will be held every morning from 9.00 to 10.30.

The resident teacher is Sara and other teachers will be hosted during the year.

The Yoga we offer is suitable for all types of levels: there will be an initial philosophical part, an asana part and a final relaxation.

We will pay particular attention to the alignment of the body, to capture our attention and go to expolor unknown parts of our body, and thus move towards a more aware knowledge of how we are and how we function. We will face the asanas from various points of view, helping each other with various supports (bricks, belts, chairs ...) to allow everyone to benefit from the positions.

"The body is the bow, the asana is the arrow, the soul is the target" BKS Iyengar

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Come and regenerate the body, mind and soul, rediscovering that Peace and harmony that is already there, just relearn to tune into it.

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"The lesson is always that: love"